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Polish government plane was tossed about twice over the airport seconds before crash

Three myths, pillars of the Russian narration for the Polish government’s plane crash in Smolensk are being questioned by experts. On the morning of the April 10th, 2010 news media around the world were repeating Russia’s “ explanation” of the causes of the catastrophe. CNN, NBC, BBC together with conservative Fox News informed viewers that: … Continue reading

Kremlin power-show looming at Syria’s shores, a Déjà vu of sorts

It is clear that the United States and Russia are on a collision course at the shores of Syria. Russian websites (and here) linked to the military intelligence informs that the Kremlin decided to confront NATO forces. Three Russian warships had entered territorial waters near Tartus. It was built-in 1971 as an operational support for the … Continue reading

Chinese economy nearly bankrupt?

Ideas have consequences  – argued American thinker Richard Weaver, author of the book under this title.  Because ideas are inspiration for the action. And the actions have consequences. It simply would be a truism to state that this syllogism applies to China. Its economy, called sometimes Chinese capitalism, is in fact socialism. It is communist … Continue reading

Iran obtained few nukes but it maybe the highest time to stop it from getting more

Shocking news appeared in the Washington Times this week: Iran has already acquired nuclear weapon. It also has enough enriched uranium for further production. Iran has also the delivery system. In the same time major world newspapers increased coverage on possible Western military intervention in Iran. It maybe a successful propaganda offensive that significantly weakens the Teheran … Continue reading

FSB destroys remaining ruins of the democracy in Russia and the Central Europe

Brave journalists in Russia and the Central Europe are being intimidated. FSB acts like mafia that is shielded by the state. Free Press in most of the post Soviet countries is a joke. In Russia it never existed. Some individual journalists decided to be faithful to their calling. However most of them had to give … Continue reading

Soviet trained general a new Polish Army Chief of Staff

Three star general Mieczyslaw Cieniuch replaced predecessor who died in Polish president’s plane crash in Smolensk in April this year. Cieniuch completed Malinovsky Military Armored Forces Academy(Военная академия бронетанковых войск им. Р. Я. Малиновского) in 1982. Then from 1990-1992 he studied at General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (formerly known as Marshal Voroshilov … Continue reading

Russia is a threat not only for Europe but also USA

America is facing continuous threat from multiple states. However mainly from Russia – says former GRU colonel Stanislav Lunev who defected in 1992 to West. Instead of friendly Russia or some kind of mystical partner China America is facing military strategic alliance of so-called democratic Russia and totalitarian China. In 1999 interview he revealed that Russian … Continue reading