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Iran obtained few nukes but it maybe the highest time to stop it from getting more

Iran. Nuclear site.

Iran. Nuclear site.

Shocking news appeared in the Washington Times this week: Iran has already acquired nuclear weapon. It also has enough enriched uranium for further production. Iran has also the delivery system. In the same time major world newspapers increased coverage on possible Western military intervention in Iran. It maybe a successful propaganda offensive that significantly weakens the Teheran regime.

Reza Kahlili who revealed this information  as an undercover CIA agent infiltrated the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards during the ’80s and ’90s. (He is the author of the bestseller “Time to Betray”.) Kahlili argues that as early as 1980 the Iranian regime decided to start a covert program to obtain nuclear warhead from Pakistan. “The first centrifuge was transferred to Iran on Khomeni’s personal plane” – says Kahlili. After Soviet Union collapsed the Iranian ayatollahs turned to Kazakhstan for tactical nuclear warheads in 1990. At the same time Kahlili provided CIA the Iranian scientist who testified that the Teheran intelligence agents were visiting the nuclear objects inside former Soviet Union, including in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan, which had a significant portion of the Soviet arsenal and is predominately Muslim, was courted by MuslimIran with offers of hundreds of millions of dollars for the bomb. Reports soon surfaced that three nuclear warheads were missing. This was corroborated by Russian Gen. Victor Samoilov, who handled the disarmament issues for the general staff. He admitted that the three were missing from Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, Paul Muenstermann, then vice president of the German Federal Intelligence Service, said Iran had received two of the three nuclear warheads and medium-range nuclear delivery systems from Kazakhstan. It also was reported that Iran had purchased four 152 mm nuclear shells from the former Soviet Union, which were reportedly stolen and sold by former Red Army officers.

According to Lt Col. Tony Shaffer, experienced US military intelligence officer quoted by Kahlili, Teheran has “two workable nuclear warheads”. Its army has also 1000 ballistic missiles aimed at the US army bases in Europe and in the Middle East.

It is interesting that this information is being revealed when there are rumours about the USA and Israel preparation to military intervention in Iran.  French president issued unprecedented statement that his country “will not stand idle if Israel is threatened”.  And Iranians are getting more anxious. 

More details on Iran nuclear program will be revealed in few days.  However this time the Iranian issue maybe the political game and  the strategy to press on Western countries to increase sanctions on Iran.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee voted on November 2nd to expand sanctions. According to the Christian Science Monitor the bill is “far-ranging”. It includes: targeting Iran’s central bank if the US president determines it is facilitating terrorism, financing nuclear weapons development, or supporting Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

 Any such action against Iran’s central bank – which serves as a clearinghouse for nearly all oil and gas payments in Iran – could make it more difficult for Iran to sell crude oil, its chief source of cash, by blocking companies doing business with it from also working with US financial institutions. Some Iranian officials have likened such a step to an act of war.

Among many other things, the bill would also forbid American diplomats any contact with Iranian officials without advance congressional approval, and raise the bar further for exports of any US-made item – which would include civilian aircraft parts, an especially sore point for Iranians and their crash-prone domestic fleet of aging planes.



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