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Soviet trained general a new Polish Army Chief of Staff

Three star general Mieczyslaw Cieniuch replaced predecessor who died in Polish president’s plane crash in Smolensk in April this year. Cieniuch completed Malinovsky Military Armored Forces Academy(Военная академия бронетанковых войск им. Р. Я. Малиновского) in 1982.

Then from 1990-1992 he studied at General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (formerly known as Marshal Voroshilov Military Academy of the WPRA General Staff).

Cieniuch found himself in Soviet Union/Russia during critical time for Poland and Western countries in 80s and early 90s.

Gen. Mieczyslaw Cieniuch

1981-1982 was one of the worst periods in Polish contemporary history. On December 13th, 1981 Jaruzelski junta in cooperation with Kremlin imposed Martial Law on Poland.

Then in between 1990-1992 former satellite states of Soviet Union and West were endangered by rebellion of four communist party high officials who stood against reforms of Perestroika.



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