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Russia is a threat not only for Europe but also USA

America is facing continuous threat from multiple states. However mainly from Russia – says former GRU colonel Stanislav Lunev who defected in 1992 to West.

Instead of friendly Russia or some kind of mystical partner China America is facing military strategic alliance of so-called democratic Russia and totalitarian China.

In 1999 interview he revealed that Russian military plans are the same as Soviet Union’s. Nothing changed.

Yes. The Soviet plan was the use of strategic forces to destroy strategic targets in America and the West, followed by the use of nuclear and conventional forces. This was the Soviet way, and the Russian military still thinks the same way today. They are much more dangerous now because the Russian military is relying more on their nuclear weapons.

Lunev decided to leave Soviet Union because he saw that its leaders were practically Hitlerites:

many party and military people of Soviet Union were actually insane. I saw notes, handwritten documents (…) they sacrificed millions of Russian people to ideological ideas which could have not been realized.

Stanislav Lunev is the author of bestseller “In the Eyes of Enemy”. He talks about growing Russian threat to West.



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